Huue Craft is an artisan craft specialized gallery and boutique in Seoul. Crafts, which require the strict procedures of production and patience. We introduce craftsmen and design studios from all over the world at Huue Craft. It is our aim to bring people the joy and crafts’ sophisticated magic into their lives and enrich their lives with art.


1. Understated Elegance

Our craft are objects of timeless beauty and pleasing simplicity, those that possess understated elegance. They don’t scream for attention. They don’t come coming in and out based on trends, but resists trends.  The more you live with them, the closer you feel to it. Our artists strive to create pieces that make a subtle statement and possess charm that will last in time.

2. Finest quality, from nature

Creation of our crafts takes time. Lot of time. The creation first starts with sourcing the finest soil, for which our artists travels all over Korea to find the perfect type for his potteries. The creation process is lengthy as this is not a conveyor belt style factory, our artist does everything from A to Z.  Artist goes through a elaborate process of crafting the potteries, which in Korea we call it gi-jak-up. Creating a single piece can take hours, or even days.
This process is also very nature friendly, thanks to the use of the green ingredients and wax and minimal wastage. On top of this, after the final products are taken out of the furnace, about a quarter of the final products are destroyed, based on the highest standards that our artists have of their works.
You can trust us that all the products delivered to you are the finest crafts created by the best.

3. Handcraft by Global Artists

Our artists do not outsource any part of their work, unlike many other potters and pottery brands. All their works are done in their own small studio, from sourcing of soil to final finishing. Once asked why they do not outsource, one of our artists replied, ‘then I won’t be enjoying doing this any longer. It will become ‘work’”. All of our artists are artists with strong branded name, they take immense pride as an artists and maintains the strict criteria on what gets out with their name on it, which is in line with Huue Crafts commitment to highest standards.


Our products are food safe. Our artists never use lead, cadmium, or other potentially dangerous materials on their works. It is very important to us that you, your family, and the people who receive a gift from you can enjoy our products with peace of mind. That is why we and the artist make certain by going through a 3rd party testing. All of our products samples meet or exceed the safety standards. You can rely on us and our artists to provide 100% safe tableware. You can see all test results here.


Table styling to gallery to online shop

It all started on Crystal’s dining table. Being a past ceramic artist herself, Crystal used Korean potteries created by her friends and classmates in her dining table in her home in Singapore. It soon drew attention of her friends. “Where are these from!?” “Where can I buy them?” Even her Korean friends were fascinated by the Korean potteries used by Crystal.

What started as a small gesture to help her friends get their tableware while also helping her fellow potters sell their works in Singapore, soon became a major operation. Her living room soon became a pottery showroom!

In 2014, Gallery Huue was launched to introduce Korean crafts and art to Singapore audience. But a store was not enough. Clients who moved back to their respective home country from Singapore continued to ask for online catalogue and placed orders. Leading us to build an online store to cater to our clients abroad.


HUUE, a specialist in contemporary art & craft

We at HUUE (formerly known as Art On) specialize in showcasing and consulting the realm of contemporary art & craft.