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ABOUT ARTIST Potter Min Seung Ki holds both bachelor and master’s degree in Ceramic Arts from Kookmin University. He has won awards in various ceramic competitions such as the Icheon Trend competition in 2010, Gwangju porcelain competition in 2008, and Beautiful Korean Ceramics Competition in 2007. He actively showcases his works in exhibitions, including his solo exhibition in Fifteen Gallery and Buk-Ak group exhibition at Dusan Art Square in 2012. His works are part of the permanent collection in Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum. THE PROCESS Min Seung Ki’s works are rooted in the style of buncheong or white-slipped stoneware. They are characterized by playful application of the white slip, various line patterns, and the calming colors, unique style that now came to represent his studio. Min...


ABOUT ARTIST Lee Neung Ho graduated from Craft Art department in Kookmin University. He started to showcase his works starting with his first exhibition in 1994. He recently had his latest solo exhibition at ChoEunsook gallery in Seoul, while actively showcasing his works in various exhibitions in Japan, China and France. THE PROCESS The differentiated characteristics of Lee's work come from his creation technique. He invests vast amount of time and effort searching for the right earth types which blends together to create the perfect property for his potteries. This just right type of earth coupled with his 'knocking' technique used to create a very unique 'natural texture' in the final work. Lee states that the patterns knocked into the potteries using the traditional tools...
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