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Choi Jung You graduated from department of Man & Wellbeing at Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands and department of Interaction Design at Korea National University of Arts. She designs small objects used in daily lives like tableware, living ware, lightings and chairs. All of her works are handmade and created in small quantity.

Korean Pottery_Korean Ceramics_Choi Jung You
Korean Pottery_Korean Ceramics_Choi Jung You_brass basket_3

Choi works with cloth, wood, earth, and plastic but it is paper that was the most frequently used. ”Paper itself can be the main material of my work, but I also like to use paper to create prototype of any project. Folding, cutting, crumpling, or ripping… Depends on how to treat it, it can convey any feeling: warm or rough, hard or soft. I haven’t found any other material that can do this as paper does.”

Choi takes ideas for her work from her daily life stories. The mood of the emotional part of these stories is what determines the material of her work. Upon finishing each piece of work, the feeling of the material used and the final form lingers in her fingers, which in turn affects her next piece of work.


Most design work starts with her surroundings, her daily life and herself. As a person that lives in this contemporary world, and as a smallest unit of this society, she looks to herself for things that are needed and wanted. Simply put, everything around her is an inspiration for her work.

Choi tells us that she dreamt of becoming a designer ever since she was 13 years old. “It may sound absurd but I never thought I would be able to do something else other than design. I may be able to do it but not live it. I can do so many things via the lens of design, but I cannot imagine doing any other things without a design element. I just had an unconditional affection towards design. Like destiny. It is such a privilege that I can do what I like to do and what I believe I can do best: to express and create things with my hand what is in my head and mind.”

Korean Pottery_Korean Ceramics_Choi Jung You