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Ji Seung Min graduated from the Ceramic Art department at Kookmin University and also holds a master’s degree in Ceramic Art from the same school. He has participated in various exhibitions in Korea, Japan, and Australia as well as a solo exhibition, ‘Ji Seung Min’s Moon Jar’ at Kookmin University Sculpture Gallery. His work, Moon Jar, is part of the permanent collection at Korea Ceramic Foundation.


Ji makes sure to have his workspace and tools clean and tidy before and after work. By having things and tools organized, he finally gets prepared to focus on his work, which leads to better works. He gets inspirations from a wide variety of sources including publication about white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty, Korean traditional ceramics, and even fashion designers’ collections.


Ji Seung Min always takes users into consideration. As he thinks that craft art is creating useful objects in an aesthetically pleasing way, he envisions his tableware in the lifestyle settings of various people when he works on pottery. What makes him pleased and inspired is to find users’ new interpretation of his tableware, which reveals new perspectives of usages and applications.

Distinctly affected by Korean white porcelain, Ji pursues simplicity in form while giving it a contemporary twist. He finds the midst of simplicity varied in textures and colors, whereby his tableware mingles with food and its surroundings in harmony to provide comfort. Characterized by neat and elegant white porcelain, his works seek utility as well as balance.