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Joe Cariati has dedicated over 20 years to the practice of glassblowing. His work is an incomparable synthesis of calculated pragmatism and essential beauty. While Cariati thrives off of repeatable process and predictable results, it is the fact that during any given piece, he can experience elation, frustration, defeat or discovery that drives his creative spirit.


Joe Cariati’s work is entirely “free blown”, a Venetian glassblowing process that utilizes the human hand, not blow molds, to form vessels from start to finish. No part of the process is automated and it cannot be replicated by any machine or mold. From color preparation to gathering to proper amount of material, each work is literally made one by one, using ancient techniques that have been perfected over the course of Cariati’s twenty-year career.


With a design philosophy centered around simple color, form and function, Joe Cariati’s collection of bottles, decanters, vases and home decor are inspired by icons of mid-century modern design. Cariati produces thousands of elegant, minimalist glass objects, eschewing the use of molds, and this elevates his designs to the realm of fine art, and makes the creation of each piece a deceptively complex and intricate process.