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Joe Won Sok graduated from the department of Ceramics at Kookmin University and holds a master’s degree in Ceramics from Ohio State University. Joe’s works reveal functionality presented by simple lines and planes while embodying a sense of space. Metallic black color in his work expresses its existence by adding depth to the surface. The collection of his works reveals the impression of an interior scene as if it were a still-life painting.

work philosophy

Joe Won Sok starts his work from the very basic form and concentrates on its beauty and static power within it. Then, by imbuing his own emotions, he observes how the meaning of the basic form evolves. His works are the outcome of a series of questions on conflicting concepts: object & material, inside & outside, emotion & reason, and consciousness & unconsciousness. He also hopes to find and communicate how an object’s significance can grow and change depending on the path of one’s life.


Joe has been interested in the context of function and its poetic language as a meaning of containing something unlimited within a limited form. He aspires to make pottery that quietly engages the viewers, encourages curiosity, and invites a sense of discovery. These are the objects that ask oneself to slow down and to notice the sensitivity of form, surface and function.

His questions about the objects in simple forms allow his curiosity to flow. Every question arising in him at every different moment of his life consists of his ceramic objects. Dark inner part of his works is a shelter like a shelter – a cave – to find repose. Delicate air flows through the space in which all the noise gradually disappears. The surface of the works sometimes appears straight in rational manner, and responds with gentle expressions at times, letting the surface reveal emotions.