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Jucheol Yun is a potter engaged in his work by combining modern technology with traditional Korean techniques. His works are characterized by super-dense condensation and the emission of special formability. His work has been preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for its tradition of excellence and sophistication of modern design.


Yun’s work is the result of a combination of soil, water, fire, and the soul of a craftsman. Fifteen years ago, after a long period of research, he developed the Cheomjang technique by transforming the Gwiyal technique – also known as the brushed white slip technique – of traditional Korean pottery. This is a technique of applying loosened soil to the surface and repeatedly drying it for a long period of time. This method is repeated with hundreds of brushings which depends purely on the soil concentrations. Many protrusions are created on the surface through the process, and these protrusions convey formative features of another visual in the shape of the work.


Cheomjang is a modern technique developed from traditional pottery techniques. The works Yun creates through this process lead us to touching beyond seeing. Yun hopes the audience can recognize the excellence and uniqueness of this tradition and, even more, that his work will become a future tradition.

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