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Kim Eun Hak works with a group at his own studio, “Eun Hak Kim Design Studio” as an art director mainly focusing on designing furniture, lights, and living supplies. Kim completes the work through the effect that objet is united accidentally by users away from the frame of typical and artificial form. All of his works are made on the basis of this form ‘series of incompletion’. The Artist suggests a design that is made in the flexible relationship of users, pursuing the practical design anybody can understand.


1. choose /  2. change / 3. compound

Kim focuses on the ‘legs’ of furniture. He chooses only legs from several kinds of furniture and transforms the length, then he makes a new glued laminated furniture. He also reinterpreted the traditional handicraft technique; he rearranged the elements like triangle, circle, and line which were the basic component of the pattern shown in the traditional design to make them in a modern style. The newly made design like this is engrafted into the artist’s tableware and furniture.


Kim Eun Hak’s products are going to be a medium to connect with the users. He designs the parts but always leave some freedom for the users to participate in expressing themselves through the design. Kim does not wish his design to be understood as a complex art, but he simply wants people to understand and feel the same as he does. Instead of being too revolutionary to provoke an amazement from people by staring at it for long time, the design has to mingle into our lives.