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Potter Kim, Ji Young graduated from department of Ceramics of Seoul National University of Science and Technology. She has been showcasing her nature inspired works through various exhibitions including her solo show at Gana Art gallery in 2007 and Insight Center in 2003.

Having moved out of Seoul to a suburban house with a large backyard for her kids, she wears two hats, first of a loving-mother and second of a potter, with the former role having a significant influence on the latter. Her works, not coarse or rough but also not smooth or slick in style, reflects her love for her kids and the natural surroundings around her, offering a calm and warm feeling to the users.


Based on the techniques of buncheong ware, Kim paints the images of leaves or others things on to her works using latex liquid rubber. Then she covers the work with white slip and after removes the latex image, revealing the images without the white slip covered. She then draws in the details of the image using a sharp instrument. Final step of firing in the kiln produces beautiful wares with subtle images on them, something unique to the work of Kim, Ji Young.


Kim’s wares holds a dose of nature in it. Her works with images of leaves and flowers easily seen around us offers the relaxation and comfort that we find in nature. Kim’s work philosophy that potteries must possess both functional and artistic value gave birth to wares that can easily accommodate any types of food while having the aesthetic of a painting and can be hung on the wall.

Kim’s kid’s dinnerware series are very special items. With her own kids being the original inspiration, the works are fun and surprisingly easy for kids to use. She uses her own techniques to draw in cute and friendly images of animals, shapes, and kids themselves. The series come in different sizes in various types and can serve a full meal, bringing fun to the family table.