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A ceramist, Kim, Sae Youl graduated from the Ceramic Art department at Seoul National University and studied at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China. He has participated in various exhibitions in Korea, USA and China and has been awarded by a number of institutions including UNESCO SEAL of Excellence for Handicrafts in 2007. Kim pursues a natural harmony that goes well together with our ordinary tables. One of his popular tableware, Yeolmaedal, meaning fruitful month, represents September with its generous form.

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Kim, Sae Youl gets inspiration from his family and his daily life. His five-year-old son named his workshop ‘The lunar world’. While he works on the pottery, he sometimes talks with his son over the window. In this way, his works reflect his life, his family and his personal experiences. He creates bowls for his son, which have been received very well at various exhibitions, and develops tableware based on the feedbacks from his wife after she uses them.


What inspires him the most is the ‘form’. He believes in the strength of great form, and creates his own forms in a different way. He aspires to create works from a totally new approach without following trends. One of his different means of creating pottery is working with his own soil and glaze. The unique texture and color in his works are the outcome of these materials, which he considers important. He believes that thoroughly understanding the material enables him to take a new approach in creating great form.

He keeps a single design for each item such as a plate and a cup by gradually improving the 10-year-old design and by changing the soil and glaze conditions. It is because he emphasizes gradual changes of familiar forms rather than brand-new transitions. He thinks that gradual changes reveal the course of a potter, which leads to the formation of one’s own identity.