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Haäm was founded in 2014 by a metal artist, Kim Yun Jin and a designer, Kwon Jung Mo. It pursues as a kitchen, dining and living design brand by offering metal craft works. Haäm aspires to express the contrast between traditional elegance and contemporary mood through its enamel-coated metal tableware. Its works have participated in various exhibitions in Korea, Italy, and France, including Maison & Objet 2015 in France.

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The artists create a form with metal, coat it with cloisonné enamel or vitreous enamel, and finally bake in a kiln. They pursue revealing spontaneous nature of the materials, resulting in different outcomes even if they intended the same color or shape. They reinterpret this traditional technique of enamel to create a unique aesthetic value seen similarly in Joseon Dynasty’s white porcelains that embrace dirt, faulty glaze, and deformed shape.


Haäm’s work is characterized by its contrast of glittering metal and enamel-coated surface. Enamel coating allows the metal tableware to look sturdy while giving a variation of color as well as enhancing usability by making the material corrosion-resistant. The sleek mirror-like surface of metal reflects nearby objects and scenes to expand the boundary of the work. Therefore, the artists regard their metal work as ‘room for something’. Their work not only holds food inside of the vessel, but also embraces the nearby ambiance. This concept expands the meaning of ‘room’ to a wider, open space in harmony with its environment.

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