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Lee Kajin is one of the most promising, up-and-coming craft artist in Korea dedicated to making contemporary celadon wares ‘Celadon’. Lee makes sturdy porcelains with a lucid, radiant color with higher firing temperature and viscosity compared to those of traditional Go-ryo celadons. LEE seeks to reinterpret classical celadons into modern disciplines not through variations in the appearance or functionality but through technological innovations and sentiments of today.


The artist Kajin Lee’s celadon work starts from the expression of the glaze. The blue light is maximized by applying the glaze thickly to express the celadon color in her ceramic works.
Lee makes her own distinctive glaze by mixing ingredients and the works go through the demanding process of glazing and burning. The form of work is decided considering the way to show the expression of material most effectively instead of the general form of pottery, emphasizing its glaze effect by applying it very thickly on the surface.


The artist attracts the essence and beautifulness of the material to the maximum through the work enabling appreciators to feel the delicate beauty given by the pottery itself. Her representative work called “Waterdrop”, has meager function in embodying and using something actually but means a definite respect on the historic universality the pottery has. It is her work philosophy to pursue the modern celadon appealing to the skill level and sentiment at that time rather than the celadon reinterpreted as a simple shape or function.