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As a daughter of a ceramist, artist Lee Kottam has been grown so close to the clays. She was majored in industrial ceramics from Dankook University and graduated Tokyo University of the Arts with a doctoral degree in research on Nature and Life. She is mainly working on tableware and interior goods based on wildflowers, insects, and berries around her studio in Ganghwado these days.

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Full of spring spirit plates, they are made by pressing the wildflowers onto the clay plates and then transferring the pattern by embossing with Solid Casting. Use chloride for developing the natural wildflower colors. In order to prevent the chloride (aqueous solution) spreading during the coloring process, there are two times of preliminary firing and then reduction firing at 1,260°C to complete the production.


Artist aims to provide us daily rest and relaxation through the table wares. Apart from urban life, the artist put – our familiar objects – wildflowers and berries onto coffee cups and teapot lids.

Artist says our lives could be much richer when we merge the mother nature itself into our daily lifestyles.

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