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Lee Neung Ho graduated from Craft Art department in Kookmin University. He started to showcase his works starting with his first exhibition in 1994. He recently had his latest solo exhibition at ChoEunsook gallery in Seoul, while actively showcasing his works in various exhibitions in Japan, China and France.


The differentiated characteristics of Lee’s work come from his creation technique. He invests vast amount of time and effort searching for the right earth types which blends together to create the perfect property for his potteries. This just right type of earth coupled with his ‘knocking’ technique used to create a very unique ‘natural texture’ in the final work. Lee states that the patterns knocked into the potteries using the traditional tools reflect his emotions and state of mind.


Lee Neung Ho is fascinated by the original earth of the Korean peninsula. He shares his future plan to further add depth to his effort to maximize the fundamental earthy characteristics in the texture and forms with abstained beauty: Lee’s slogan being “minimize form, maximize texture”.

In this fast-paced digital world, he claims the role of a potter is create art that can heal and slow down the time through analogous potteries (for which one has to wait and leave it to the fire to produce the final outcome) rooted in long tradition.

To further develop the pottery culture, Lee believes that the potters must continuously strive for creativity and individuality. At the same time, every potter must be diligent to research and discover the right materials that work for his/ her process and create techniques that put their work apart from the flood of sameness.