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Nason Moretti is one of the leading glassworks on the Venetian island of Murano. It was founded in 1923, during a period of great success for the Italian visual arts. Since its earliest days it has proved itself as a ground- breaking company, compared with the emerging artistic trends, thanks to the creation of chalices and glasses that have become the undisputed points of reference for the Venetian “Art of the Table”, together with vases and design objects that helped spread its fame in Italy and abroad.


All Nason Moretti collections feature ad-hoc product research, developed through an original use of colour and chromatic combinations, engravings and polychrome decorations. With the help of his skilled technicians, Nason Moretti has been able to invent unprecedented shades and nuances (even 22 for green and 8 for blue) that are now the most sought-after by the great fashion houses and interior decoration brands.


Nason Moretti has distinguished itself throughout history for the attention and research dedicated to the material and the design, and for having been able to experiment with the creative process, without betraying the millenary tradition of Murano glass production.

Nason Moretti creations are everyday objects designed for people who seek and love to be surrounded by an atmosphere of true elegance. In each signed and numbered piece connoisseurs will nd the signs of an ancient “alchemy” and the age-old knowledge and traditions of the master craftsmen of Murano. In these unique collectors’ items produced by Nason Moretti you’ll nd fragments of a past culture almost as old as Venice itself.