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Object Labs, established by designer Im Jung Joo, focuses on creating necessary objects in our daily lives. Therefore, its emphasis is on the users: how and why an object is used by its users. As a product design graduate, designer Im questions the purpose of an object and aspires to find the essence of each to reveal the relationship between the object and its user.


He studies the elements of an object to find the essence and analyzes their effect on users. This process lasts several months or even several years to decide a single design for production. The whole process embodies a concrete story to be completed by Object labs. Besides edition works, he also develops short-term projects such as ‘Soso projects’ for more accessible works in small quantity. This approach allows him to experiment in various ways.


The first edition of his works is tableware. He found tableware as staples of our daily lives since we use it every day to eat meals. He believes that a tableware should accompany the passage of our lives. In this sense, for his first edition called 52 Degree Wood Tray, he selected wood as a material for his works to resemble its users. The craft artist found out coincidentally that most of his sketch works have been done with the angle of 52 degrees on the edge of the object, which led him to think that he can make long-lasting objects for everyday use and never grow tired of it. He tries to reflect our everyday lives within the wooden material, revealing the natural characteristics of the material.