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Since 1980, Rina Menardi has been developing her research into the field of ceramics, personalizing work techniques, exploring colour schemes, and striving for neatness of shape. Through the work, she has been creating hand-made stoneware pieces, always characterized by simple lines, inspired by nature, and never limited to a single purpose. Accordingly Menardi insists that an object should not impose itself, but rather suggest visual and tactile sensations able to evoke our deepest emotions.


Rina Menardi moulds the clay without ever feeling as a tout-court ceramist. She chooses baked clay because she senses in this material the possibility to express herself through gaining possession of some of nature’s secrets, understanding her laws, respecting her rules and limitations. The ever-personal research she conducts over the expressive potentialities of baked clay has always been accompanied by her growth as an individual.


Rina Menardi’s creations are different: a detail, a curve along an edge, a reflection, making each at once characteristic and unique. Her work can be defined as a pure thought that sets out from a suggestion and returns as a form. The artist’s relationship with the material is not one of domination but accompaniment. After reciprocal act of opposed ideas evoked by materials, such as strength/fragility, tactile/ethereal qualities, subtlety/richness of colour, fullness/sense of empty space, Menardi’s research is focused on the balancing of contrasts. This process made her sensitive to every stimulus offered by natural forms.