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Sanghoon Kim is a rising artist who has won the first prize at the Silver Triennial as well as the second prize at the Silver Smith Forum competition in Germany in 2018. The “lines from the plane” that can be seen in his work shows a free and repetitive pattern on a luminous flat surface of silver and allows him to have modern beauty despite being produced by traditional methods.


The basic form of the work is established through Raising (a method of creating a wall by hitting a metal plate). Kim then places a rough sketch on its surface. After adding Gamtang (a mixture of boiled pine resin and soil) to the object, he creates various lines on the surface in his unique style which is then transformed by the chasing technique. When all the lines have been carved, Kim takes out the Gamtang and finishes the work by cutting the upper part.


Kim likens the whole process to a long and lonely trip. His own self-made anvils accompany him on this trip. The process of molding each object with his handmade tools, inscribing the natural line images, and finishing them is done by the artist’s own hands. In this way, Kim puts warmth and familiarity into his work to soothe minds made weary by everyday life.