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Potter Seo, Kuk Jin graduated from Craft Art department in Kyunghee University and holds a master’s degree in Craft Art from the same school. He started to showcase his works in his first solo exhibition in 1989 and participated in various exhibitions in Korea, China, and the United States afterwards. His work is part of the permanent collection of Musee National Adrien Dubouche Limoges in France.


Pursuing the aesthetics of minimalism, he focuses on lines and colors of his works. He starts with the question of how he would color the work. He then finds materials for color from nature. He believes in the virtue of Korean traditional pottery and aspires to express its elegance with simple line and subtle color.


According to Seo, craft art is an art of the unconscious state coming from polishing up one’s skills with untiring exertions. Some may question how an object for usage can be regarded as an artwork. However, he would answer by counter asking if an artwork is recognized only by one’s sight. He thinks that craft is a more interactive kind of art that is realized and completed by use of art patrons. As a craft artist, Seo puts enormous effort in his works so that his emotions transfer to his hands as well as his works, and further on to the lives of the people who are using his works.