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As the name evokes, Utopia & Utility combines the functional with the fantastical. Founded in 2012 by siblings Pia and Moritz Wustenberg, London based design duo makes products showcasing the skills of talented craftsman around the globe privileging handmade production.
Using natural materials, the duo creates one of a kind pieces reminiscent of nature with an exotic simplicity. The duo creates handmade collections of gorgeous vases, candleholders, stools, glass lights, and bowls that mix glass with wood, ceramic, stone, paper, metals, and pottery. The components stack together to form tabletop sculptures that are simply breathtaking.

Utopia and Utility_Craft_Design_Glass_15

Utopia&Utility’s multi-functional product, the Stacking Vessels consists of three individual containers, all of which are formed with traditional craft processes. The ceramic and wood pieces are bridged by glass, which adheres to the other materials and creates a connective surface when heated. Each piece is handmade, unique and uses one of a kind natural materials.


The product philosophy at Utopia & utility is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways that change conventional perceptions. Crafts is at the heart of everything, The duo work closely with various European makers to develop and produce all their pieces.
Utopia&Utility believes that everything that deserves to be made; deserves to be made well. From the process to the finished objects, their motivation is to enrich life through beauty.