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Korean emerging Ceramicist Yang Ji-Woon received her MFA, Ph.D at Sungshin University, studied the crafts and ceramics. Yang makes the cup, plate, and ornament of Cerastone, emitting, the subdued sheen of pottery and the soft touch through the delicate expression practice without glaze by means of the Cerastone. With the hope of designing small artistic objects for daily life, Yang strives to enhance the quality of our lives.


The artist reinterprets the Korean traditional Yeollimun technique (marbling pattern) and the Inlaid technique in a modern style. She expresses the flow of line, face, and color by making white pottery soil in various patterns, applies the gold on the surface and peels it after firing, for the gold to be left on the texture of the soil which is created naturally. The Gold Polishing Inlaid Technique is the artist’s distinctive decoration technique style. The detail that this technique skill applied is made by atmospheric pressure after making the colored bodies by using the high fired pigment, and other parts are made by slip casting and the surface is polished up without glazing.


Artist Jiwoon Yang expresses the pottery like jewelry as if a stone becomes a jewelry to raise the value with its own beautiful color and form of the nature. Yang tries to show the product which can feel five different senses applied to the living objet and tableware. In the artist’s work, people can feel the visual joy given by the various ranges of colors, joy of palate, smell of imagining various tastes, fragrances of the food to be put on the tableware, joy of touch by the soft surface and joy of hearing in the sound of clear pottery magnetized in the high temperature.